Discover a perfect tool for convenient management of backup

Xopero includes unique application that allows centrally and remotely manage all the backup processes in your company.

Manage centrally!

You can easily control the backup performances on workstations, personal computers and servers. You also get the possibility to configure and monitor the accuracy of all backup processes.


Your QNAP NAS, together with Xopero becomes an integrated solution which helps you centrally manage and monitor all data backup processes.




Key features

Management Center application offers a range of functions to simplify the management of data protection in the company.
It's an ideal management tool for IT administrators.

Remote management

By using centralized management tool, an administrator can control all backups in the company from one location.

User Administration

Depending on Your company needs, create new users and easily categorize them into groups.

Server logs

The Management Center users gain access to the server logs and can always verify if the application is working correctly.

Simple Restore

The Management Center application allows administrators to restore data backed up by diffrent users.

Storage Space Management

In a simple way system administrator could add new and modify existing data stores.

Assigning devices

You can easily connect any device with the user account, without direct access to the chosen machine.

Backup templates

Thanks to the backup templates you don't have to repeatedly create the same backup project for each device.

Performance configuration

You can easily and quickly restore a previous version of the work on the file. You decide how many version are kept.

Central management made easy!

The Management Center application is an unique improvement for your business!

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