Backup your Windows OS

Using VHD backup feature and make your system always ready to work

  • Backup your important data
    VHD feature allows you to backup all your important data
  • Secure entire disks
    VHD image will be created from the selected disks and they will be safely backed up
  • Keep backup locally
    VHD files can be saved in given path after performed backup
  • Compression
    To save your time and storage, Xopero compress VHD file before sending them
  • Automatic backup
    select when and how often VHD backup has to be performed - Xopero makes its job automatically

Protect your system


All data are encrypted in flight on your local machine by AES 256-bit algorithm.


Network usage optimization and advanced data compression

  • Engineer-level 24x7
  • Active Monitoring and live email/phone support
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